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category: graeco-roman

Gallo-Roman Theatre Mask of Bearded Hero

Inv. n°: MMoCA100

Gallo-Roman Terracotta Theatre Mask of a Phlyax

Inv. n°: MMoCA101

Gallo-Roman Terracotta Theatre Mask of an Old Woman

Inv. n°: MMoCA102

Bronze Helmet of Corinthian Type

Inv. n°: MMoCA167a

Roman Bronze Helmet

Inv. n°: MMoCA173

Marble Head of Odysseus

Inv. n°: MMoCA176

Marble Statue of Athena (Minerva)

Inv. n°: MMoCA178

Pilos Type Crested Helmet

Inv. n°: MMoCA186

Roman Bronze Helmet of the Weisenau Type

Inv. n°: MMoCA190

Roman Shield Boss

Inv. n°: MMoCA191

The 'Beth Shean' Bust

Inv. n°: MMoCA20

The Barberini Tyche

Inv. n°: MMoCA390

Roman Carrara Marble Group: a Satyr, Bacchus (Dionysus) and Pan

Inv. n°: MMoCA461

Marble Funerary Altar of Julia Sperata

Inv. n°: MMoCA465

Bronze Winged Helmet of Phrygian-Chalcidian Type

Inv. n°: MMoCA468

Roman Iron and Tinned Bronze Cavalry Helmet

Inv. n°: MMoCA470

Roman Bronze Calvary Helmet

Inv. n°: MMoCA492

Italic Bronze Helmet of Montefortino Type

Inv. n°: MMoCA504

Roman Iron and Bronze Cavalry Helmet of the Weiler/Guisborough type

Inv. n°: MMoCA512

Large Black-Figure Belly Amphora with Chariot and Hoplites

From the circle of the Lysippides Painter
Inv. n°: MMoCA57

Roman Marble Bust of Alexander Helios

Inv. n°: MMoCA580

Black-Figure Neck Amphora

Inv. n°: MMoCA59

Colonnette Krater

The Snub-Nose Painter
Inv. n°: MMoCA60

Roman Bronze Helmet

Inv. n°: MMoCA600

Roman Marble Ornamental Cinerary Urn

Inv. n°: MMoCA702

Fragmentary Bronze Portrait Head of the Emperor Augustus or a Member of the Julio-Claudian Family

Inv. n°: MMoCA707

Bronze Statue of Mercury (of Bavay, Nord-Pas-de-Calais)

Inv. n°: MMoCA782

Greek Iron Xiphos Sword

Inv. n°: MMoCA796

Athenian Black-Figure Hydria (Greek Water Vessel)

Attributed to the Painter of Louvre F6
Inv. n°: MMoCA799

Hydria der Gnathia Ware

Inv. n°: MMoCA811

Monumental Roman Portrait Head of Augustus

Inv. n°: MMoCA820

Hellenistic bronze vessel with leaf–shaped handles.

Inv. n°: MMoCA845

Roman Bust of Emperor Lucius Verus

Inv. n°: MMoCA26

Roman Marble Portrait Head of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius

Inv. n°: MMoCA364

Roman Marble Bust of the Emperor Caracalla depicted as Sole Ruler

Inv. n°: MMoCA488

Roman Marble Portrait Head of the Emperor Nero

Inv. n°: MMoCA353

Marble Over Life-Size Portrait of the Emperor Tiberius

Inv. n°: MMoCA575

Roman Marble Bust

Inv. n°: MMoCA605

Over life-size Marble Head of Emperor Clodius Albinus

Inv. n°: MMoCA69

Roman Over Life-Size Statue of Antinous, Companion of Emperor Hadrian, as a Hunter

Inv. n°: MMoCA136

Roman Marble Portrait of the Emperor Claudius

Inv. n°: MMoCA646

Marble Head of the Emperor Claudius

Inv. n°: MMoCA860

Attic Black-Figure Neck Amphora

Inv. n°: MMoCA103

Campanian Red-Figure Fish Plate

The Three-Stripe Painter
Inv. n°: MMoCA104

Canoan Polychrome Pyxis

Inv. n°: MMoCA108

Roman-Egyptian Terracotta Plaque

Inv. n°: MMoCA127

Bronze Helmet of Illyrian type

Inv. n°: MMoCA143

Roman Marble Statue of Eros

Inv. n°: MMoCA149

Bronze Helmet of Chalcidian Type

Inv. n°: MMoCA155

Silver Mounted Bronze Helmet of Chalcidian Type

Inv. n°: MMoCA156