Inv. n°: MMoCA488

Roman Marble Bust of the Emperor Caracalla depicted as Sole Ruler

In AD 212 this portrait type, the so-called 'sole ruler' type, replaced the portrait of Caracalla as the young successor to the throne. It remained in use until AD 217. Depicted turning sharply to his left, his face contorted in a characteristic forbidding frown, his creased forehead with curving eyebrows drawn together, the eyes deep-set with articulated pupils, the nose broad with a short moustache above his downturned mouth, his strong chin cleft and covered with a short curling beard, his hair composed of tight curls with drilling, the thick sideburns joining his beard, wearing a paludamentum draped around his shoulders. Mounted on a turned marble pedestal base and tall marble plinth.

h. 51 cm (70 cm including base)

Late Severan Period, A.D. 212-217



  • Dennis and Leen Inc., Los Angeles, California, 1976
  • Acquired from the above by Chaucer Fine Arts, London, 21st January 1977
  • Consigned by the above to Bonhams, Sale 16853, London, 28th October 2009
  • Acquired at Bonhams, London, 19th January 2010, lot 1


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