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Roman Marble Portrait Head of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius

Inv. n°: MMoCA364

Roman Marble Bust of the Emperor Caracalla depicted as Sole Ruler

Inv. n°: MMoCA488

Untitled (Horse and Wing)

Christopher Le Brun
Inv. n°: MMoCA153MA

Twilight (Winged Helmet)

Christopher Le Brun
Inv. n°: MMoCA154MA

The Young Hercules Holding a Club

The Ciechanowiecki Master
Inv. n°: MMoCA173MA


Alexander Mihaylovich
Inv. n°: MMoCA175MA

Article 46, Series 'Pillars'

Nazgol Ansarinia
Inv. n°: MMoCA177MA

Marble Over Life-Size Portrait of the Emperor Tiberius

Inv. n°: MMoCA575

Roman Marble Bust

Inv. n°: MMoCA605

Over life-size Marble Head of Emperor Clodius Albinus

Inv. n°: MMoCA69

Roman Over Life-Size Statue of Antinous, Companion of Emperor Hadrian, as a Hunter

Inv. n°: MMoCA136

Roman Marble Portrait of the Emperor Claudius

Inv. n°: MMoCA646

Marble Head of the Emperor Claudius

Inv. n°: MMoCA860

The Amorous Amazon

André Masson
Inv. n°: MMoCA33MA

Ten of Swords

Salvador Dalí
Inv. n°: MMoCA45MA

Five of Cups

Salvador Dalí
Inv. n°: MMoCA46MA

Eight of Wands

Salvador Dalí
Inv. n°: MMoCA47MA

Garçon à la cruche

Francis Picabia
Inv. n°: MMoCA55MA

Portrait de femme de la maison de la rue Amboise

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
Inv. n°: MMoCA56MA

Trojan Horse

Nic Fiddian-Green
Inv. n°: MMoCA125MA

Roman-Egyptian Terracotta Plaque

Inv. n°: MMoCA127

Bust of Seneca

Gilles-Lambert Godecharle
Inv. n°: MMoCA131MA

Roman Marble Statue of Eros

Inv. n°: MMoCA149

Minotaur on a Box

Beth Carter
Inv. n°: MMoCA155MA

Roman Marble Relief of Erotes Frolicking with Fauns

Inv. n°: MMoCA177

Marble Portrait Head of Caracalla

Inv. n°: MMoCA199

Sapho à la Colonne (Sappho at a Column)

James Pradier
Inv. n°: MMoCA238MA

Pediment of a Grave Altar with Lion-Griffins

Inv. n°: MMoCA402

Egyptian Bronze Uraeus (Forepart of Rearing Cobra)

Inv. n°: MMoCA448

Egyptian Limestone Mummiform Ushabti

Inv. n°: MMoCA449

Roman Marble Over-Life Size Head of Alexander the Great (356-323 BC)

Inv. n°: MMoCA451

Roman Bust of Geta, an Antonin Prince

Inv. n°: MMoCA474

Aphrodite Holding an Apple

Inv. n°: MMoCA509

Roman Marble Portrait Head of the Athenian Playwright Menander

Inv. n°: MMoCA542

Egyptian Figurative Limestone Funerary Stele Inscribed for Iret-Hor-Ru

Inv. n°: MMoCA548

Marble Pharaonic Head of Osiris Wearing the Atef Crown

Inv. n°: MMoCA569

Les menades

Ossip Zadkine
Inv. n°: MMoCA57MA

Bronze helmet

Jane Rickards
Inv. n°: MMoCA64MA

Roman Bronze Mouse

Inv. n°: MMoCA650

Gallo-Roman Silver Nude Zeus

Inv. n°: MMoCA697

A Capriccio View of the Roman Forum

Carel Cornelisz de Hooch
Inv. n°: MMoCA158MA


Georges Braque
Inv. n°: MMoCA25MA

Temple of Ramses II Abu Simbel

Henry Roderick Newman
Inv. n°: MMoCA66MA

Cappriccio with Roman Monuments in Nîmes

Lacroix de Marseille
Inv. n°: MMoCA68MA

Capriccio with Ancient Roman Monuments, Including the Triumphal Arch of Orange, The Aqueduct of Fréjus and the Cenotaph of Gaius and Lucius Caesar

Lacroix de Marseille
Inv. n°: MMoCA69MA

Leda and the Swan

Emile-Antoine Bourdelle
Inv. n°: MMoCA6MA

Figues, Reine-Claude et Abricot (Figs, Reine-Claude and Apricot)

Henri Fantin Latour
Inv. n°: MMoCA89MA


Mario Sironi
Inv. n°: MMoCA91MA

An Antique Sarcophagus

Francisque Millet
Inv. n°: MMoCA97MA

The Gardens of Notre-Dame de Vie

Lucien Clergue
Inv. n°: MMoCA137MA