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The Philosopher Diogenes Throwing Down his Bowl

Giovanni Paolo Panini
Ref. MMoCA101MA

Gli ostaggi cartaginesi ('The Embarkation of the Carthaginian Hostages led by Marcus Attilius Regulus')

Luigi Ademoll
Ref. MMoCA104MA

Satyr holding a bunch of grapes

Jean Le Pautre
Ref. MMoCA112aMA

Hercule & Omphale

Jean Le Pautre
Ref. MMoCA112bMA

Statue of a Faun

Jean Le Pautre
Ref. MMoCA112cMA

Mercure & Minerve

Jean Le Pautre
Ref. MMoCA112dMA

Statue of a dancer

F. Chaumeau
Ref. MMoCA112eMA

Latona between her two children, Apollo and Diana

G. Edelinck
Ref. MMoCA112fMA

Edimon & Diane

Jean Le Pautre
Ref. MMoCA112gMA

Apollon & Daphné

Jean Le Pautre
Ref. MMoCA112hMA

Troop of newts and nereids

Jean Le Pautre
Ref. MMoCA112iMA

Statue of a female drummer

Jean Le Pautre
Ref. MMoCA112jMA

Adonis & Venus

Jean Le Pautre
Ref. MMoCA112kMA

Bacchus & Ariane

Jean Le Pautre
Ref. MMoCA112lMA

Jupiter & Junon

Jean Le Pautre
Ref. MMoCA112mMA

Statue of a female drummer with a little love

Jean Le Pautre
Ref. MMoCA112nMA

In the Museum of Cavalier Piranesi in Rome

Ref. MMoCA115cMA

In England at Iil Sig Jane Sijnnet Dame English

Ref. MMoCA115eMA


Emile-Antoine Bourdelle
Ref. MMoCA117MA

The Roman Forum

James Anderson
Ref. MMoCA118MA

The Erechtheum, Athens

Frank Mason Good
Ref. MMoCA119MA


Yves Klein
Ref. MMoCA11MA

The Temple of Neptune

Gorgio Sommer
Ref. MMoCA120MA

Pyramids and the Sphinx, Egypt

Frank Mason Good
Ref. MMoCA121MA

Houdon Still life

Horst P Horst
Ref. MMoCA122MA

Midas Head

Dame Elisabeth Frink
Ref. MMoCA124MA

Trojan Horse

Nic Fiddian Green
Ref. MMoCA125MA

Lucius Verus III

Arman (Armand Fernandez)
Ref. MMoCA126MA

Cleombrotus Ordered into Banishment by Leonidas II, King of Sparta

Bartolommeo Pinelli
Ref. MMoCA127MA

The Abduction of Helen

Alessandro Turchi
Ref. MMoCA128MA