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category: egyptian

Watercolour of 'Queen Senseneb' from Der El Bahari

Howard Carter
Inv. n°: MMoCA226MA

Sarcophagus of Djed-Hor-iuefankh

Inv. n°: MMoCA610

Faience Mummiform Ushabti

Inv. n°: MMoCA693

Grey Granite Bust of a Treasurer of the Temple of Amun

Inv. n°: MMoCA706

Egyptian Head in Rose Granite from a Statue of the Young Pharaoh Tutankhamun in the Form of the God Amun

Inv. n°: MMoCA708

Egyptian Terracotta Ushabti

Inv. n°: MMoCA831

Egyptian Cartonnage Mummy Mask

Inv. n°: MMoCA833

Egyptian Large Steatite Osiris

Inv. n°: MMoCA834

Egyptian Faience Ushabti

Inv. n°: MMoCA838

Egyptian Seated Cat

Inv. n°: MMoCA851

The 'Gillot' Wadjet

Inv. n°: MMoCA852

Figure of Onuris

Inv. n°: MMoCA854

Sekhmet and Horus Group

Inv. n°: MMoCA855

Funerary Model of a Boat

Inv. n°: MMoCA856

The 'Brummer' Duck-Shaped Cosmetic Vessel

Inv. n°: MMoCA857

The ‘Amherst’ Ptah

Inv. n°: MMoCA858

Wall Rubbing of the Head of Seti I

Giovanni Battista Belzoni
Inv. n°: MMoCA9MA

Egyptian Stucco Funerary Mask of a Female Head

Inv. n°: MMoCA349

Egyptian Bronze Uraeus (Forepart of Rearing Cobra)

Inv. n°: MMoCA448

Egyptian Limestone Mummiform Ushabti

Inv. n°: MMoCA449

Egyptian Figurative Limestone Funerary Stele Inscribed for Iret-Hor-Ru

Inv. n°: MMoCA548

Marble Pharaonic Head of Osiris Wearing the Atef Crown

Inv. n°: MMoCA569

Egyptian Penannular Gold Earrings

Inv. n°: MMoCA710

Egyptian Polychrome Falcon Sarcophagus

Inv. n°: MMoCA813

Granite Official

Inv. n°: MMoCA850

Egyptian Stucco Male Funerary Mask

Inv. n°: MMoCA10

Egyptian Fragment Relief of Three Seated Carpenters

Inv. n°: MMoCA110

Egyptian Funerary Mask

Inv. n°: MMoCA111

Egyptian Funerary Mask

Inv. n°: MMoCA112

Polychrome Wood Mask

Inv. n°: MMoCA113

Egyptian Polychrome Wood Section from a Funerary Shrine Canopy

Inv. n°: MMoCA115a

Egyptian Polychrome Wood Section from a Funerary Shrine Canopy

Inv. n°: MMoCA115b

Egyptian Polychrome Wood Section from a Funerary Shrine Canopy

Inv. n°: MMoCA115c

Egyptian Terracotta Enthroned Pharaoh Wearing Nemes Headdress and a Shendyt-Kilt

Inv. n°: MMoCA116

Terracotta Isis-Aphrodite

Inv. n°: MMoCA117

Egyptian Limestone Relief

Inv. n°: MMoCA18

Egyptian Head of Ptolemaic King

Inv. n°: MMoCA196

Limestone Relief of Seti I

Inv. n°: MMoCA200

Egyptian Limestone Fragment from a Column

Inv. n°: MMoCA201

Egyptian Sandstone Relief Fragment

Inv. n°: MMoCA202

Polychrome and gilt Cartonnage Mask

Inv. n°: MMoCA207

Egyptian Wooden Mummy Mask

Inv. n°: MMoCA218

Narrative of the Operations and Recent Discoveries Within the Pyramids, Temples, Tombs and Excavations in Egypt and Nubia; and of a Journey to the Coast of the Red Sea, in Search of the Ancient Berenice; and Another to the Oasis of Jupiter Ammon

Giovanni Battista Belzoni
Inv. n°: MMoCA219MA

Romano-Egyptian Limestone Head of Athena

Inv. n°: MMoCA255

Limestone Funerary Stela

Inv. n°: MMoCA295

Egyptian Bronze Statuette of Neith Enthroned

Inv. n°: MMoCA300

Egyptian Figure of Ptah-Sokar-Osiris

Inv. n°: MMoCA31

Egyptian Bronze Seated Harpokrates or the Child Khonsu

Inv. n°: MMoCA326

Egyptian Bronze Seated Isis Nursing Horus

Inv. n°: MMoCA339

Egyptian Limestone Relief Fragment

Inv. n°: MMoCA35