Inv. n°: MMoCA764

Egyptian Bronze Votive Model of a Mongoose ('Ichneumon')

Sacred animal with solar associations in Ancient Egypt. Very fine features, tiny ears, almond-shaped eyes, and long thin snout, indicated by small, parallel lines.

h. 4.3 x w. 16.5 cm

c. 6th-4th century BC



  • Ex collection of Leo Mildenberg, 1950s
  • Galerie Arete, Zurich
  • Christie's, Sale 7017: 'The Leo Mildenberg Collection of Ancient Animals', London, 26-27 October 2004, lot 132
  • Acquired at Sarah Hornsby (Hornsby & Nugee), 13th September 2011


  • Christie's, Sale 7017 - The Leo Mildenberg Collection of Ancient Animals, London, 26-27 October 2004, lot 132
  • C. Dauphin, Animals in the Ancient World. The Levett Bestiary, Levett Collection Series 2, France, 2014, pp. 37 and 88 and backover
  • C. Dauphin, Les animaux dans le monde antique. Le bestiaire Levett, Serie Collection Levett 2, France, 2016, pp. 32 and 78


  • Musée d'Art Classique de Mougins (MACM), Mougins, France, from June 2011

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