Inv. n°: MMoCA608

A Greek Bronze Cuirass

Fashioned of hammered sheet, consisting of a breast-plate and back-plate, anatomical form with details in relief, ornamented in raised and incised details, including, on the front, a voluted ketos or sea-dragon curving around the contours of the pectorals, its serrated comb, fins, forked tail and scales finely incised, the lower ribcage off-set and outlined with a raised ridge terminating at each end in incised palmettes, the 'linea alba' marked by a vertical groove also terminating at each end in an incised palmette, a palmette at the top centre at the base of the flaring neck-guard; the back-plate with the curving bars at the shoulder blades each terminating above and below in an incised palmette, the lower rims flaring, the edges of the arm-holes and neck-guard rolled-in, a perforation on the front and back of each shoulder for attachment, the proper right front preserving an original iron pin.

h. 41.9 cm

Late 7th-early 6th century BC



  • Ex Private Collection, Zurich, Acquired prior to 1962
  • Acquired at Christie's, 9th December 2010, lot 97


  • Christie's, Antiquities Sale 2364, New York, 9th December 2010, lot 97
  • M. Burns, "Graeco-Italic Militaria" in M. Merrony (ed.), Mougins Museum of Classical Art, France, 2011, p. 190, fig. 20


  • Musée d'Art Classique de Mougins (MACM), Mougins, France, from June 2011

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