Inv. n°: MMoCA487

Lot consisting of Italic armour Alfedana type, bronze breast & back plates with dark-green patina decorated with 4-footed beasts, 3 pieces of former shoulder strap, a gorget & two iron swords

The bronze breast and back plates have iron backing and trim. The centres of both plates are decorated with long-legged, four-footed fabulous beasts with duck-like heads. The gorget has strong triple ridges and the ends are rolled in. Also three pieces of the former shoulder straps, bronze and iron, which fastened the armour over a shoulder, and was then attached to the body with additional leather straps and fastenings.

Ø 19.7 cm (of breastplate) Ø 18.4 cm (of gorget)

6th-5th century BC

Bronze metal with dark patina double-plate


  • Ex Collection Axel Guttmann, Berlin, Breastplate and Gorget (AG 182/R 39) Swords (W 78,79)
  • Hermann Historica Auction 54, 11th April 2008, lot 337
  • Acquired at Galerie Gunter Puhze Kunst der Antike, Freiburg, 15th January 2010


  • Hermann Historica, Auction 54, 11th April 2008, lot 337
  • Freiburg, Galerie Gunter Puhze Kunst der Antike, Munich, 15th January 2010
  • M. Burns, "Graeco-Italic Militaria" in M. Merrony (ed.), Musée d’Art Classique de Mougins, France, 2011, p. 226, fig. 123


  • Musée d'Art Classique de Mougins (MACM), Mougins, France, from June 2011

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