Inv. n°: MMoCA429b

Italic Bronze Cuirass (from an Armour Set)

A bronze cuirass formed by a breastplate and a backplate as well as two side plates. Anatomically shaped short breastplate with a straight lower edge. Numerous attachments on sides and shoulders. A circle of holes on the breastplate for the (lost) nipples.

h. 35 cm

5th-4th century BC



  • Ex Axel Guttmann Collection (409a/H126), Berlin, acquired in Paris
  • Christie's, The Axel Guttmann Collection of Ancient Arms and Armour, Part 2, London, lot 107
  • Acquired at Hermann Historica, Auction 58, Munich, 7th October 2009, lot 177


  • Christie's London, The Axel Guttmann Collection of Ancient Arms and Armour, Part 2, 28th April 2004, lot 107
  • Hermann Historica, Auction 58, Munich, 7th October 2009, lot 177
  • M. Burns, "Graeco-Italic Militaria" in M. Merrony (ed.), Mougins Museum of Classical Art, France, 2011, p. 229, fig. 128


  • Musée d'Art Classique de Mougins (MACM), Mougins, France, from June 2011

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