Inv. n°: MMoCA390

The Barberini Tyche

Deaccessioned at Christie's London, Mougins Museum of Classical Art sale, 7th December 2023. The features of the goddess, a portrait, suggest she was a woman of high status. Her finer details include centrally parted wavy hair bound in a plait at the back and surmounted by a mural crown of three towers each with an arched opening; spiral locks of hair fall down her neck. Probably also a personification of a city, possibly Rome, the head sits on a 17th century bust of Egyptian alabaster and Italian Porta Santa marble with a plinth of Bianco e Nero marble.

h. 82.5 x w. 50 x d. 22 cm

Roman head inserted into a 17th century bust

Marble, Alabaster


  • Pope Urban VIII (Cardinal Maffeo Barberini), reigned 1623-1644, Palazzo Barberini alle Quattro Fontane, Rome
  • Cardinal Antonio Barberini (1607-1671), Palazzo Barberini, Rome, (1644 Inventory, no. 663, mentionned as ‘Una testa di cybele, con la testa coronata di torri, con suo petto di porta santa, e camiscia di alabastro, e suo depuccio di bianco e nero, con scabellone di marmo bigio’.)
  • Cardinal Carlo Barberini (1630-1704), Casino al Bastione/Villa de Bastioni, Rome, (1663 Inventory, no. 682)
  • Prince Maffeo Barberini (1631-1685), Rome, (After-1672 Inventory, no. 663)
  • Prince Maffeo Barberini Colonna di Sciarra (d.1849), Palazzo Sciarra, Rome, by inheritance in 1810/1811
  • Princess Carolina Sciarra, born D'Andrea Dei Marchesi di Pescopagano (d. 1913), Palazzo Sciarra, Rome, seen by F. Matz in 1867-1870
  • Consigned to Sotheby's New York by the heir of the above, New York, 7th June 2007
  • Sotheby's New York, Egyptian, Classical, and Western Asiatic Antiquities, including Property of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, New York, 7th June 2007
  • Acquired at Rupert Wace, London, 9th September 2009


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  • Musée d'Art Classique de Mougins (MACM), Mougins, France, from June 2011

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